Nowadays there are various beautiful and high-end expensive phones worth using. These top-of-the-line models provide users with an exceptional user experience that allows for maximum comfort during use. Many individuals aspire to own one of these luxurious handsets to effectively complete their daily tasks.

While on vacation, many travelers enjoy creating clear photographs and videos using one of the more expensive smartphones available. A high-end expensive phone can make any journey or trip more enjoyable while helping keep track of journeys.

2023’s Top Ten Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World 2023. No charges apply when calling within South Australia at no cost.

1. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond worth $48.5 Million USD.

2. 4. Elite Gold $9,4 Million

3. iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition Worth $8 Million

4. Superior Goldstriker iPhone with 3GS Netting $3.2 Million in Revenues

5. 3. King’s Button $2.4 Million

6. Goldvish Le Million $1.45 Million

7. Diamond Crypto Smartphone $1.3 Million.

Gresso Las Vegas Jackpot $1 Million

9. Goldvish Revolution ($488,150).

10. Vertu Signature Cobra $360,000

List of World’s Expensive Telephones

Here is our 2019 Top List of the World’s Most Expensive Phones (according to device):

1. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond

Rose gold may not be for you, but platinum could. Falcon, one of the premier American firms that manufacture these exclusive products with ever more extravagantly priced offerings before their official releases, makes sure there is always one out there just waiting to make an appearance in any way shape, or form!

Bespoke Range, with a maximum price point of $48.5 Million, serves as the company’s backup plan and offers blue diamonds starting from $32.5 Million up to orange diamonds costing $42.5 Million and then eventually the highest-priced pink SuperNova series stone for an incredible value totaling more than $50 Million.

Falcon offers an exquisite Bespoke collection featuring black sapphires, diamond Emeralds, black diamonds, and Burmese rubies to add beauty and intrigue. These gems don’t boast delicate features but instead serve to attract all eyes around them. These giant stones were meant to draw everyone in.

With enough funds in the bank to buy 10 regular iPhone 6s at once, waiting won’t be an issue!

2. This iPhone 4s Elite comes equipped with gold plating

At PS6 Million, this phone has set a world record price. Crafted out of rosewood and decorated with 100 carats of flawless diamonds weighing about 100 carats each; an additional 53 stones feature in its rear portion for further decoration as well as 24-carat gold structures for additional stability.

One 8.6ct diamond has been set within the main navigation of gold; an additional 7.4ct single-cut diamond could serve as a backup option if necessary. Solid Platinum was employed for creating the chest which contains polished pieces of T-Rex bones as well as rare gems such as Opal, Pietersite Charoite Quartz as well and Rutile Quartz; only two 64GB phones will ever be produced.

It is the second-most costly mobile phone ever sold worldwide.

3. Diamond Rose Edition of iPhone 4

Diamond Rose Edition of iPhone is currently the world’s most expensive custom iPhone ever created and costs PS5 Million GBP or $8 Million US dollars. Bezels on iPhone 4 feature rose-shaped bezels made up of 500 perfect diamonds totaling more than 100 carats by weight – making this bezel the centerpiece of its price.

Additionally, you will get an exclusive iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition unisex pink granite case covered with Nubuck high-quality leather made exclusively for it – marking the first time ever that the world’s most expensive iPhone can only be offered in two models!

Rose gold iPhone features 53 diamonds set into its custom logo with 53 single-cut 7.4-carat pink diamonds inlay into its navigation screen for extra sparkle and extra customization. Users interested in opting for something with more diamond sparkle may purchase an iPhone 4 featuring an 8-carat single-cut diamond instead.

4. Goldstriker iPhone 3GS

This incredible device boasts an enormous quantity of flawless diamonds as well as an incredibly robust 22-carat gold case, featuring an eye-catching navigation key made up of one 7.1-carat diamond and weighing 7 kilograms made out of single-piece granite.

Stuart Hughes designed an extravagant mobile phone in just 10 months for his firm specializing in lavish mobile phone production. Although Apple’s logo features 36 diamonds with high-evacuated facets on its rear there’s also an intricate gold striker decorated with 136 stones adorning its front.

5. Apple 3G Kings Button

Made out of solid 18-carat yellow white and rose gold with 138 diamonds expertly cut within its white lines of gold, the iPhone 3G Kings Button stands as one of the five most expensive phones on Earth. Created by Austrian jewelry maker Peter Alisson.

Contrasting Aloisson’s prior efforts at producing a USD$1.3 Million Crypto Smartphone, Aloisson now features the iPhone 3G King’s Button which comes equipped with an exceptional 6.6-carat diamond button ensuring its price point stands out among other phones worldwide.

6. Goldvish Le Million

This is another luxurious phone available at an astronomically expensive $1.45 Million price, featuring four colors (Gold, Yellow, White, and Rose) as options.

This phone features MMS as well as SMS and Email texting & chatting for easy communication, plus video & radio recording capability and has an internal storage of 2GB for recording purposes.

7. Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Although an older phone, this choice remains popular with individuals who prioritize security. With features that enable secure text and voice communications, this phone stands out among competitors.

This phone features both Motorola MX21 processor and Windows CE OS for seamless functioning and full security.

8. Gresso Las Vegas Jackpot

Gresso Las Vegas Jackpot takes eighth place amongst the 10 most expensive phones worldwide and retails for one million dollars. What sets this phone apart from others is its 200-year-old African blackwood backplate and black diamonds decorating the front.

Like Le Million, Gresso Vegas Jackpot was only produced in three units by their company and offers both security and affordability in one convenient device. It makes an outstanding choice for those who appreciate quality design at an attractive price point.

9. GoldVish Revolution

In 2009, GoldVish unveiled their unique luxury handset called GoldVish Revolution as an impressive combination of Motorola Aura and Mobiado phone models.

GoldVish Revolution’s phone features are decorated with diamonds, as well as white and pink gold plating for maximum elegance, and features an exquisite phone alongside mechanical watches – everything you could possibly need in one convenient place!

10. Vertu Signature Cobra

Boucheron, the French jewelry house, designed and created the Vertu Signature Cobra phone featuring 439 rubies that form its elegant cobra-esque pattern. At $360,000 it costs just under as much!


By now you should have become acquainted with these top ten most expensive smartphones available worldwide. Billionaires and royalty can afford these exclusive phones designed solely to suit them; we welcome any suggestions in the comments below!


What is the costliest mobile in existence today?

Falcon Supernova and iPhone 6 Pink Diamond.

What is the price tag attached to the Goldvish Revolution?

Approximately, $488,105

What is the price for Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond?

$48.5 Million