Check out Tabja Fashion House if you’re searching for an exquisite dress for your prom, wedding, or any other special occasion. Reputable company Tabja Fashion House sells a variety of classy and glitzy outfits, accessories, and menswear. We will cover all you need to know about Tabja Fashion House in this blog post, including its background, line of goods and services, and testimonials from satisfied clients.

The History of Tabja Fashion House

Kosovo-born, gifted, and fervent fashion designer Tabja Krasniqi established Tabja Fashion House in 1998. Tabja began her working life as a seamstress, creating personalized gowns for her customers. She quickly discovered that she had a talent for producing exquisite and distinctive graphics that perfectly captured her essence and vision. In order to display her works and meet the needs of many ladies, she made the decision to start her own store in Drenas.

The Tabja House became well-known and well-liked very fast, both nationally and internationally. Tabja’s gowns appeared in numerous TV broadcasts, publications, and fashion events. She has also worked with well-known celebrities including Bebe Rexha, Era Istrefi, Rita Ora, and Dua Lipa. Due to her success, Tabja was able to grow her company and build additional locations in various nations and towns. Currently, Tabja House operates stores in New York, London, Zurich, Skopje, Tirana, Pristina, and Skopje.

The Products of Tabja Fashion House

A range of products are available from Tabja House to suit various needs and preferences. There are gowns for galas, cocktail events, weddings, proms, and more. In addition, there are accessories including shoes, belts, veils, jewelry, and crowns. In addition, The Fashion House offers a menswear line that includes shoes, shirts, ties, tuxedos, and suits.

The ability to create personalized outfits for clients is one of Tabja Fashion House’s key offerings. Your dress’s style, color, fabric, and decorations can all be customized to fit your preferences and price range. To acquire ideas and guidance on how to make your ideal outfit, you may also speak with Tabja or one of her qualified designers.

Tabja Fashion House also provides international shipping and online buying. To view their most recent collections and designs, peruse their website or social media accounts. Additionally, you can order your dress online and have it delivered in a few days to your home.

The Services of Tabja Fashion House

In addition to being a store where you can purchase gowns, Tabja Fashion House offers a unique and fulfilling experience. Tabja House offers its clients first-rate services like:

• Free consultations:

To talk about your requirements and expectations, schedule a meeting with Tabja or one of her designers. They’ll assist you in selecting the ideal outfit for your body shape and occasion.

• Free alterations:

You are able to get your dress adjusted for free until it fits you flawlessly. If you would like, you can also ask for little additions or modifications to your clothing.

• Free delivery:

Within Kosovo, you can get your dress delivered for free to your house or hotel. For a fair price, you may also have it transported overseas.

• Free accessories:

When you purchase a dress from Tabja Fashion House, you can receive free accessories like crowns or jewelry. For a modest deposit, you may also rent them.

• Free makeup:

At Tabja, one of the qualified makeup experts will provide you with a complimentary makeup application. For your event, they will make you appear amazing and perfect.

The Customer Reviews of Tabja Fashion House

Tabja House has received positive reviews for its quality, design, service, and value. Customers have praised the fast and easy delivery of their wedding and prom dresses, as well as the friendly and helpful staff who made their experience enjoyable and memorable. Here are two reviews:

  • “I rented a suit from Tabja House for my brother’s wedding and I was very impressed by their service. The suit was elegant and modern and it matched the theme of the wedding perfectly. They also gave me free accessories and shoes to complete my look.”
  • “I visited Tabja with my friends for a girls’ night out and we had so much fun. We tried on different dresses and accessories and took pictures. The staff was very friendly and attentive. They gave us free drinks and snacks and even a discount on our purchases.”

The Conclusion of Tabja Fashion House

For those searching for a gorgeous outfit for any event, Tabja Fashion House is a fantastic choice. Tabja House has everything you need, whether you want to buy, rent, or personalize your dress. They also provide exceptional customer service and services that will make you feel cherished and unique. More than just a clothing store, Tabja Fashion House is a destination where you can discover your ideal gown and realize your aspirations.

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