Materialistic Princess Spoilers, let’s discuss them. The Materialistic Princess is an amusing, one-of-a-kind, and fascinating webtoon that you might want to check out. The story is about a woman who is reborn as a princess in a fantastical setting. But she has different ambitions than most—she wants to live a life of luxury, comfort, and wealth—and is uninterested in romance or adventure. You have never seen a princess like her.

The webcomic has gained a lot of popularity, and many viewers are curious about what will happen next. There are spoilers everywhere, so in this post, I will discuss some spoilers, and you can decide where to read them or avoid them. 

Materialistic Princess Spoilers #1: The Princess’s Secret Identity

The princess’s actual identity is one of the major spoilers in Materialistic Princess. In reality, she is the daughter of a maid who nursed the genuine princess while she was a baby, not the king. Because of her unusual gift of foresight, the maid’s daughter was able to foresee the webtoon’s events and stay safe.

In contrast, the actual princess was raised as a commoner before rising to fame as an adventurer. In addition, she piques the emperor’s interest; he is unaware that she is actually the princess. The pretend-princess daughter of the maid is just interested in getting away and has no regard for the emperor.

Spoiler #2: The Emperor’s Betrayal

Another Materialistic Princess Spoilers is the betrayal of the emperor. His outward appearance belies his true nature—he is a cunning and self-centered despot bent on world conquest. He murdered the former emperor, who happened to be his uncle, and set the princess up to be the murderer. As a means of securing his throne and removing any possible challengers, he also intends to murder the princess when they are married.

Nonetheless, the maid’s daughter foils his scheme by revealing his misdeeds and managing to get away. Additionally, she discloses that the adventurer he loves is the true princess and that she is not. Upon learning about this, the emperor becomes furious and surprised, promising to apprehend and murder them both.

Spoiler #3: The Happy Ending

The biggest spoiler of Materialistic Princess is the happy ending that the characters get. Along with the support of their friends and allies, the true princess and the maid’s daughter beat the emperor and his army. They also discover that they are, in fact, half-sisters since they have a father who was the brother of the former emperor. This Materialistic Princess Spoilers has fans divided.

The true princess stays and ascends to the throne, but the maid’s daughter chooses to depart from the realm and tour the globe with her money and possessions. They correspond with one another via letters and discover happiness and love in different ways. They can be seen grinning and waving at one another as they set out on their new adventures in the webcomic’s last scene.

Spoiler #4: The Princess’s Best Friend

Another interesting Materialistic Princess Spoilers is the identity of the princess’s best friend, who is always by her side and supports her. She is actually a spy sent by the emperor to monitor and manipulate the princess, but she gradually develops genuine feelings for her and becomes her loyal ally. She also falls in love with the prince of a neighboring country, who is the princess’s fiance.

The princess’s best friend helps her escape from the emperor’s clutches and joins her in her adventures. She also reveals her true identity to the prince, who accepts her and proposes to her. They have a happy and romantic relationship, and become the princess’s closest confidants.

Spoiler #5: The Princess’s Revenge

This fan favorite spoiler includes Materialistic Princess is the princess’s plan of retaliation against the emperor and his goons. She mobilizes the populace against them by exposing their wrongdoings and corruption via the use of her slyness and knowledge. She also funds numerous initiatives and charitable causes with her riches and power, supporting the rebels and the resistance. As you can guess it is huge Materialistic Princess Spoilers.

By toppling the emperor and his government and restoring justice and peace to the realm, the princess’s retaliation is fruitful and fulfilling. She also transforms into a cherished and well-respected leader by rescuing the populace from injustice and destitution. Her legend and heroism are celebrated, and her tale has been told for many years.

Spoiler #6: The Princess’s Rival

The last Materialistic Princess Spoilers is the appearance of the princess’s rival, who is a noble lady who has a crush on the emperor. She is jealous of the princess and tries to sabotage her plans and reputation. She also schemes to get closer to the emperor and win his favor.

However, her attempts are futile and backfire, as the princess outsmarts her and exposes her lies. She also makes the emperor dislike her more, as he finds her annoying and clingy. The princess’s rival ends up being humiliated and scorned by everyone and loses her status and wealth. She is forced to live as a beggar, while the princess enjoys her success and freedom.


A unique and amusing blend of comedy, romance, and fantasy can be found in the webtoon Materialistic Princess. The story is fascinating and unpredictable because of all the twists and turns it has. Nonetheless, it is preferable to read the webtoon yourself and stay away from Materialistic Princess Spoilers if you want to fully appreciate it.  


1. Where can I read Materialistic Princess?

 You can read Materialistic Princess on the official website of the webtoon, or on various online platforms that host webtoons.

2. How many chapters are there in Materialistic Princess?

There are currently 50 chapters in Materialistic Princess, and the webtoon is still ongoing.

3. Who is the author of Materialistic Princess?

The author of Materialistic Princess is Kim Soo-hyun, a famous webtoon artist who also created other popular webtoons such as “The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass” and “The Duchess’s 50 Tea Recipes”.

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